Who is the Real ‘Extremist’ in the Race for Idaho Lieutenant Governor?

Janice McGeachin is the pro-life, pro-gun, and pro-freedom candidate for Idaho Lt. Governor.

Her opponent, on the other hand, has expressed positions and accepted endorsements from groups which are extremely pro-abortion, anti-gun, and supportive of big government and socialized medicine.

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Janice McGeachin believes that life begins at conception and we should respect life at all stages—from conception to natural death. She is endorsed by Idaho Chooses Life1; Kerry Uhlenkott2, the Legislative Coordinator at Right to Life of Idaho; and Brandi Swindell, the CEO of Stanton Healthcare.

Kristin Collum wants conversations about abortion in Idaho “to turn more positive.”3 Collum is endorsed by the Southwest Idaho chapter of the National Women’s Organization’s (NOW) PAC.4 NOW has said that “Abortion Rights Are Human Rights”5 and that NOW will “oppose attempts to restrict these [abortion] rights through legislation, regulation or Constitutional amendment.”6 Collum is also endorsed by former Washington State Governor Chris Gregoire7 who has accused a pro-life political opponent of trying to “turn back the clock”8 and claiming that pro-life “positions on women’s health would really roll us back 100 years.”9

Gun Rights

Janice McGeachin will always support and defend your right to keep and bear arms. She is endorsed by the National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund (NRA-PVF)10 and was recognized by the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance for providing “100% Pro-Gun Responses”11 to their candidate gun-rights survey. She is also endorsed by Dick Heller of the 2008 D.C. vs. Heller Supreme Court case.12

Kristin Collum refused to answer the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance candidate gun-rights survey13 and has been cagey regarding her views on the subject. Collum is endorsed by Paulette Jordan14, the Democrat candidate for Idaho Governor, who famously said that the AR-15, the most common modern sporting rifle, “doesn’t have a place here in Idaho.”15 Collum is also endorsed by the radical progressive group “United Action for Idaho”16 which lists “Gun Sense”17 (code for gun confiscation) as part of its platform.


Janice McGeachin agrees whole-heartedly that there are problems to solve, but she knows increased government is NOT the answer. She has solutions, and having served as Chair of the Health and Welfare committee, she was the legislator who insisted that her committee be given the time to read the entire Affordable Care Act. This was just one instance that demonstrates that she wants to work toward solving this problem in a thoughtful and meaningful way, for all Idahoans. Janice supports allowing the free market to make healthcare affordable rather than allowing government to increase the costs through regulation and meddling. She is endorsed18 by pro-free-market organizations such as the Republican Liberty Caucus of Idaho and Gem State Patriot News.

Kristin Collum claims it is “cruel and financially irresponsible”19 for Idaho to reject billions of dollars in additional debt to expand government healthcare programs. She also claims that healthcare is a “right”. Collum is endorsed by “United Action for Idaho”20 which lists “Healthcare for ALL” (emphasis theirs) as part of its radical progressive platform.21

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