I agree with my friends in Kootenai County who believe that 'Making America Great Again Begins In Idaho!'

About Janice McGeachin

Former State Representative Janice McGeachin (R-District 32) is a successful business owner from Idaho Falls.

She and Jim McGeachin, her husband of 30 years, own and operate three businesses in the automotive industry, with stores in Idaho Falls and Boise. In 2012, she and her family renovated an historic building in downtown Idaho Falls and established the area’s only Irish restaurant, The Celt Pub & Grill. Janice and Jim have two children, Liza and James, who help manage their family businesses.

Janice McGeachin and her familyJanice is a proven conservative with an established track record of working with others to promote fiscal responsibility. As Chair of the Health & Welfare Committee, she worked to prevent the implementation of Obamacare in Idaho in 2012 by educating colleagues and the public of the devastating impacts of the law to the individual and to our business community. As Chair, she collaborated with House and Senate Leadership, the medical community, recipients, departments, agencies, and the Governor’s Office to reduce Medicaid costs across the board, avoiding deep cuts to particular programs when tax revenues came up short in 2011. Working with the Idaho Medical Association, Idaho Hospital Association, midwives, and clients, Rep. McGeachin was instrumental in the passage of the Midwifery Practice Act in 2010.

Janice is concerned about our growing national debt—now over $20 trillion—and the negative impact it has on our life, liberty, and prosperity. She is committed to promoting consistency among Republican leadership on fiscal responsibility and working to increase public awareness regarding our state and nation’s finances.



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Janice enjoys skiing, hiking, and traveling.

Janice graduated from Skyline High School in 1981 and received her BSBA in Finance and Accounting from the University of Arizona in 1985.

Janice is a member of the First Presbyterian Church. She has been involved in children and youth ministries and served as a Ruling Elder within the church.

Janice’s community service includes having served as the Chairman of the Board for the Idaho Innovation Center and as a Board Member for the Development Workshop and the Mountain River Valley American Red Cross. She is a member of the Idaho Falls Rotary Club, and was an active member of the Greater Idaho Falls Chamber of Commerce, and the United Way Disbursement Committee.

Janice was an elected State Representative from 2002-2012, and served on numerous committees including State Affairs, Revenue & Taxation, Judicial, Joint Finance and Appropriations (JFAC), and Health & Welfare where she served as the Chair. She also served on the Joint Millennium Fund Committee, state employee Change in Employee Compensation Committee, Economic Outlook and Revenue Assessment Committee, and the Health Care Task Force.

JaniceIn addition to her service in the Idaho State Legislature, Janice serves as a Bonneville County Central Committee member, is a member of the Bonneville County Republican Women (and the Chair of Community Relations in 2002), and is the Bonneville County State Committee Woman. She is also a member of the Blaine County Republican Women.

Janice was proud to serve as the Bonneville County Chair and the 1st Vice State Chair for the Trump Idaho State Committee and as a Trump Delegate to the 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio.

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