1 thought on “Janice McGeachin talks with John Bachman on Newsmax TV

  1. Karen S Heim

    Please know that our family will vote for you, Janice
    *Traditional school curriculum.

    *Stop Wind-Farm subsidies, the SCIENCE of Turbines is fantasy. And they are bird-choppers, ask Audubon Society people. Made from oil-petroleum and are not recyclable. (Can only bury them.) because of contamination.
    (Husband is an Engineer and says “the big Green-Lie is Electric-Cars, WindTurbines and Solar are not viable The Science and Physics of these Green Energy is not borne out by Science. Idaho pays $325,million $$$$ for 5 WindFarms here in Idaho!!!.) Subsidies paid by Idahoans. Why?

    *Stop Solar Panels that fry migrating birds and the panels are not recyclable. Don’t last as long as sold-to-us by the industry. Uses too big a footprint for the SolarFarms.

    *Prius electric-cars use a Lithium Battery, that costs $11,000 dollars to replace! And the batteries are NOT recyclable. So those batteries also get buried too…..!

    God gave the USA oil, natural-gas, timber and clean-coal. Idaho needs to use those, only.

    Karen S Heim
    951 271-1564

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