Janice McGeachin for Governor responds to Biden’s Unconstitutional Actions

Today, the Biden administration announced an unconstitutional federal assault on individual rights. His overreach is designed to impose the federal government’s preferences regarding personal health decisions on 80 million Americans.

President Biden said, “If these governors won’t help beat the pandemic, I’ll use my power as president to get them out of the way.” Such a declaration of war on individual freedom is intolerable, and it is entirely unwelcome in Idaho.

I am formally calling on Governor Little to un-invite President Biden from coming to Idaho next week.

Will the governor have the courage to stand up for the rights of Idahoans? I won’t hold my breath.

Idaho and every other state that values freedom needs to take immediate legal action to overturn this unconstitutional and malevolent attack on personal liberty.

As always, I remain dedicated to the preservation of individual liberty, and I will do everything possible to fight for your rights to make your own medical choices free from mandates and other coercive measures.


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