Constitutional Rights

Here in Idaho, we believe in God-given, unalienable rights.

In my campaign for Lieutenant Governor, I earned an A+ rating from the NRA and an A+ endorsement from Dick Heller. As your Governor, I will continue to fight against any encroachment on our 2nd Amendment Right, including any infringement coming from Washington, D.C.

Whether it was supporting your right to try natural, non-traditional health remedies, speaking out against putting healthy people under house arrest, sponsoring legislation to provide for the expungement of criminal records in certain cases, or writing letters of support to the U.S. Department of Justice on behalf of wrongfully incarcerated Idahoans, my strong belief in defending individual liberty has guided my actions. It still does today, even in a time when these seemingly old-fashioned notions have lost favor with the coastal elites.

I have consistently fought against raising your tax burden, because we don’t have a tax problem in Idaho – we have a spending problem. As a member of JFAC, I sponsored a spending limitation on local government and worked to keep spending in line with the growth of the economy.

We must get our financial house in order. Our country is nearly $30 trillion in debt, inflation is rising quickly, and the position of the U.S. dollar as the world’s reserve currency is at risk. We can’t solve all of our nation’s financial woes here in Idaho, but we must do our part to get our fiscal house in order, even if it means weaning ourselves off the federal teet.

We must reinvigorate traditional industries such as agriculture, grazing, mining, and the harvesting of timber, but also embrace innovation and increase our manufacturing. We should consider new opportunities in industrial hemp products and increased demand for firearms and ammunition.

I have consistently supported legislation to protect small businesses and independent practitioners.

We can open more doors to success for Idahoans by removing occupational licensing mandates and other regulations that stand in the way of personal and business achievement.

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