I Just Ended Idaho’s Mask Mandates – The Status Quo Has Got to Go!

Today, as acting Governor of the State of Idaho, I signed an Executive Order to protect the rights and liberties of individuals and businesses by prohibiting the state and its political subdivisions — including public schools — from imposing mask mandates in our state.

I firmly believe that you have the right to make your own decisions about masks, vaccines, and how to raise your children. You don’t need the government to tell you what to do.

I am running for Governor because I am fighting for YOU. Remember that no matter how many attacks are made against me, it is really YOU who the radical left wants to silence. They hate our conservative values, our individual rights, and our unwillingness to bow down to the federal government. They’re after YOU. I’m just standing in their way.

One of the hardest things for a candidate to do is to ask you for money, but our campaign needs your support if we are going to keep challenging the status quo. This is going to be a long and arduous battle against entrenched interests on both sides of the political spectrum.

If you can help in this battle, I am asking for your support. Please CLICK HERE to donate to my campaign to restore our rights and to preserve our liberties.

Are you able to volunteer? Please fill out the form on our website. Thank you! Your contributions are greatly appreciated. Together, we WILL reestablish the foundational values that Make Idaho Great!

20 thoughts on “I Just Ended Idaho’s Mask Mandates – The Status Quo Has Got to Go!

  1. Donna Lusignan

    Thank you so much for protecting our constitutional rights as free citizens!!! You will get my vote!

  2. Hari Heath

    Stellar again! Thanks for being stand up and making good moves!

  3. Monica Reagan

    Get rid of this stupid mask mandate. These kids need to be living.

  4. Sandra

    Good job!!
    Brad Little is a hypocrite. He is abusing his power by mandating masks! We should be able to choose! He talks about freedom and up holding the amendments but that is not what he is doing with the masks mandate

  5. Joe D’Errico

    Awesome! Thank you for doing what should have been done months ago! I can’t wait to bite for you as Governor!

  6. Dennis M Tucker

    I could not agree with your stance concerning Covid 19/Masks more! We are being held hostage by local politicians and teacher’s unions. We’re losing the right to think for ourselves and act accordingly.

  7. Mary Taylor

    Thank You, Janice for fighting for the people of Idaho. You have my VOTE.

  8. Jacob Haney

    Good job forcing Dolittle to show where he truly stands. You absolutely have my vote. Can’t wait for the primary!

  9. Kate

    Thank you for working to help Idahoans, especially our kids and young people!!!! Thank you for your position on NO mask mandates and on cleaning up our education system!!! No Marxist and Critical Race Theory for Idaho!!!!
    I’m really disappointed that Gov Little reversed your EO. We need to expand our no vaccine mandate to include businesses. Our state needs to do like Florida is doing!!!!

  10. John Calhoun

    Tuesday morning’s governor staff meeting is going to be awwwwkward…

  11. Jan

    These poor children. It makes me sick what has been done to the children. Forced to stand on or in circles, sit behind plexiglass and wear vital breath restricting masks all day. This is not health, this is blatant abuse.

  12. William Orton

    The mask mandate was a waste of time and resources. The government stepped in and said the Hospital is overwhelmed. Was every floor at St Alphonsus used including the parking lot and every nurse on deck. NO I work with people in their houses every day. I have seen nurses layed off, working from home, more people dying in nursing homes after the vaccination. Learning to wash our hands, learning not to go around others when you are sick really helped. A mask was only to make sure you give up your identity and be an obedient slave. Thanks, you have my vote.

  13. Todd

    Thank you . you have my vote. Where can I get yard signs flags extra. Little has got to go. He has sold us out.

  14. Peggy

    Thank you for fighting for freedom. I will certainly look for your name when its time to vote!

  15. Lisa

    The Constitution of the United States is the Supreme Law of the land, and no one, no entity, can force The People to wear masks, be vaccinated, locked down in their homes, their livelihoods, taken from them. This Covid hoax has gone on long enough. We all need to make a stand and defend our Constitution, our rights and liberties. No one is going to do it for us, nor come to our rescue.

  16. Dave

    Thank you for having courage, and ending mask mandates. Stay strong! You have gained my support.

  17. Joey Johnston

    Too bad Little reversed this. You’ve got my vote!

  18. Kathy

    You have my support and vote in putting an end to RINO Gov. Little political career. I have yet to get a response (such as a press release) from RINO Little as to his position on the “America First” agenda and platform. Little is a RINO and as ineffective for the state of Idaho as RINOs like Mitt Romney, Liz Cheney, Mitch McConnell, and Mike Pence are on a national level. I would love to hear your views and position on the “America First” movement at some time through a press release. Thank you for your service to the state of Idaho.

  19. Paul

    Your decision to stand up against medical tyranny and ban vaccine mandates has landed you my vote. Keep up the good work.

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