Endorsement from Mark Cerchione

My name is Mark Cerchione. I am a native Idahoan, born and raised in Idaho Falls. I have served in the US Army, and have worked in a law enforcement or investigative capacity at the city, county, state and federal levels in Idaho over the last 38 years. I am currently a Physical Security Specialist/ Police Officer and Firearms Instructor for the Department of Homeland Security, Federal Protective Service in Boise, Idaho. I am also the owner of Double Tapp, LLC – a Boise based firearms training company, and outdoor range facility.

I love our great country, and I love our great state. I am worried about Idaho’s future, and I feel very strongly about the need for the great leadership that must be provided by our elected officials. I see an influence gradually sweeping across the United States that must be stopped if we are to maintain the great level of freedom and opportunity that we now enjoy. I cast every political vote carefully—for people who I know are worthy of holding in their hands the future of our great country/state. It is for this reason that I will be proudly voting for Janice McGeachin for Idaho Lieutenant Governor.

I have known Janice McGeachin for over 40 years. I have always known her to be an honest, sincere and very hard working person. I know that she is passionate about the greatness of America and Idaho. She has been a success at every endeavor she has ever undertaken. I have known her to be a wonderfully successful State Legislator. She is a successful businesswoman and a very involved member of her community. Ms. McGeachin is a true conservative, in a time when true conservatives are far and few between. Ms. McGeachin is of She is of extremely high moral character, and she has always been a very strong supporter of Law Enforcement.

I would strongly encourage the FOP, or any other organization which stands for decency, public safety, family values and keeping Idaho great to support her as well.

Mark Cerchione