1. Health Freedom
    • End medical tyranny
      • Prohibit medical mandates
      • Prohibit experimental vaccines on our children
    • Implement affordable free-market alternatives to Obamacare
    • Investigate all arrests and enforcement actions for violating Little’s lockdown
    • Return the money that Idahoans were fined for violating Little’s lockdown
    • Rein in abusive overreach by CPS that violates constitutional and parental rights
  2. Election Integrity
    • Continue supporting a 50-state audit of the 2020 election
    • Make Idaho a model state for election integrity
      • Enact strict voter ID requirements
      • Ensure accurate voter lists
      • Guarantee Idahoans the right to vote in person
      • Adopt tamper-proof paper ballots
      • Prohibit federal interference in Idaho elections
  3. Idaho’s Economy
    • Support small businesses
      • Recognize that ALL businesses are essential
      • Eliminate the corporate income tax
      • Prioritize Idaho businesses in state contracts
      • Support family farms
    • Fight corporate cronyism and corruption
      • Eliminate special interest tax incentives
      • Enforce state procurement laws
      • End pension spiking
      • Adopt “revolving door” policy (lobbyist cooling period)
    • Reduce taxes and regulations
      • Reduce unemployment taxes
      • Eliminate sales tax on groceries
      • Reduce property taxes
        • Reduce unfunded mandates on local government
        • Restrict the growth of local budgets
      • Reduce occupational licensing mandates
  4. Constitutional Rights
    • Defend freedom of speech against “cancel culture”
    • Protect the right to worship freely
    • Uphold the right to keep and bear arms
      • Make Idaho a “2nd Amendment Sanctuary State”
        • Oppose all forms of “red flag laws”
        • Defend the presumption of innocence in self-defense cases
        • Prevent the enforcement of unconstitutional federal gun laws
      • Incentivize the increased production of firearms and ammo in Idaho
  5. State Sovereignty
    • Reduce Idaho’s financial dependence on federal dollars
    • Eliminate administrative rules that conflict with Idaho’s constitution or statutes
    • Productively manage Idaho lands
  6. Energy Independence
    • Encourage responsible development of rare earth minerals
    • Encourage expanded research at INL to promote the development of safe and renewable energy resources
    • Reopen the University of Idaho School of Mines
    • Oppose breaching dams
  7. Military and Defense
    • Defend our National Guard against being called up to fight in undeclared wars
    • Remove vaccine mandates for National Guard
    • Support our veterans
    • Establish a State Guard under Idaho control to aid in border defense and riot control
  8. Office of the Governor
    • Restore the constitutional balance of power within the Executive Branch
    • Implement an Idaho-First customer service model for all state agencies
    • Revise executive emergency powers to prevent protracted declarations of emergency
  9. Education
    • Support expanded opportunities for school choice
    • Fix Idaho’s public school curriculum
      • Eliminate all trace of Common Core
      • Return to the basics of education
        • Reading, writing, and arithmetic
        • American civics
        • Idaho history
      • Remove CRT and other Marxist elements
    • Prioritize skills-based training
  10. Traditional Conservative Values
    • Defend the right to life
      • Recognize that life begins at conception
      • Encourage the overturn of Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey
      • Support legislative efforts to curtail and restrict abortion
    • Defend children against abusive medical procedures
    • Protect children from obscene materials and unlawful sex education in public schools
    • Support parental rights