A Vision for Idaho's Future

A Vision for Idaho’s Future

Idaho is a beautiful state with incredible potential, but what I have seen in recent years has me deeply troubled. Lobbyists, insiders, and special interests have run Boise and rigged the system for themselves. They have increased taxes and fees, increased licensure requirements, implemented Obamacare and Common Core, and increased our dependence on the federal government. They have turned the city against the state.

Today, Idaho’s budget is comprised of 35% debt-financed federal dollars which our children must repay. These federal dollars come with strings attached: education policy, health care policy, road building, and how we manage our resources are all dictated by the federal government.

We can begin to fix these problems, however, by returning to local control of the standards in our classrooms instead of the “one size fits none” federal standard. We must quit wasting money on illegal efforts to increase Idaho’s post-secondary graduation rates, like the misuse of appropriated funds for the Adult College Dropout Scholarship Bill… which three of my opponents in the legislature supported.

Instead, we must focus on forming partnerships between industry leaders and educational institutions to provide skill-based training starting in high school.

We must eliminate special interest tax incentives which favor the political class, and work to remove or reduce the grocery tax, income tax, and unemployment tax for the middle class. We must work together to achieve active management of our natural resources.

We must push back against any and all encroachments of our 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms, and we must make sure that important bills brought by the citizens of Idaho do not get buried in the drawers of Committee Chairs.

As Idaho’s next Lt. Governor, I will work tirelessly to implement these and other solutions necessary to shrink the government, increase our liberties and freedoms that have been eroded by career politicians and special interests, and MAKE IDAHO GREAT AGAIN!

Please help us put Idaho back on the path to prosperity by voting Janice McGeachin for Lt. Governor on May 15.