5 thoughts on “VIDEO: Janice McGeachin’s North Idaho Presentation

  1. Gregory P Lowell

    I am recently retired from 17 years with the Idaho fish and game dept. this was due in part to extreme open heart surgery I am broke and can not afford to contribute money. But i would help in other ways, with signs, stickers letters to editor and mouth to mouth local support

  2. Gregory P Lowell

    Please understand that I say this with full respect. I like your face. It tells me a lot about your honesty and sincerity. Of course, I love your words. I wish you were running for Governor. And soon you will. god bless you and you have my finest wishes. My wife was the founder of the Lemhi County Tea Party. I have on;y lived here foe 30 years, which makes me a new comer in our little town of Salmon. I would love to help your efforts. I can not afford a dime. honestly. But i have been politically active in my community and done a lot of “volunteer work ” such as Planning & Zoning for 7 years on both County and City. I did lose by 7 votes when I ran for City Council. I have a lot of respect and some influence in my community. I want to help you. Please let me know how. If we can not fix our local politics, how can we believe that we can affect national politics?

  3. Craig K

    Mailing address so we can send a check for donations??? We do not use credit cards.

    • Janice McGeachin Post author

      Thank you, Craig. My mailing address is as follows:

      Janice McGeachin for Idaho
      P.O. Box 50048
      Idaho Falls, ID 83405

  4. Ed Kendall

    You go Janice!!! I’m retired sitting in a wheelchair, no money but anything I can do to help

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