Finding Solutions: The Universal Charitable Credit

Finding Solutions: The Universal Charitable Credit

While it is usually easy to identify problems such as tax rates being too high and healthcare being too expensive, it can often be more challenging to find meaningful solutions, but one such solution, which has already proven itself in Arizona, is the Universal Charitable Credit.

The UCC, or Universal Charitable Credit, allows taxpayers to direct up to five hundred of their tax dollars to any qualified nonprofit in their city, county, or state. By allowing people in a community to direct their tax dollars to organizations that “Do Better,” the UCC improves the quality, accessibility, and accountability of the public services in any community, helping all of us do even better.

While the exact amount of the credit and the allowable recipients would be determined by our state legislature, the idea is to allow people to divert some of their tax dollars from the state to private charities and other organizations that “do better” at helping people and improving the well-being of individuals.

I am excited about this concept and I look forward to helping it become a reality in Idaho. We need solutions, and we need private-sector, free-market solutions most of all. Of course, implementing the Universal Charitable Credit won’t fix all of our problems, but it’s a very good first step toward empowering people and charities and moving away from excessive dependence on government.

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