We are at a pivotal moment in history — not just for Idaho but for our nation.

Everything that Makes America Great is under assault, and with radical leftists now controlling Congress and the White House, your Governor must be on the front lines every day defending our individual rights, state sovereignty, and our traditional conservative values.

As an elected official, my duty to protect Idaho’s state sovereignty compelled me to vote against Common Core and work to delay the encroachment of Obamacare in Idaho. That duty also pressed me to vote for responsible spending on the Coronavirus Financial Advisory Committee (CFAC), even when it meant being the only member to vote against questionable proposals.

Defending our state means making difficult decisions when the federal government tries to bribe us into compliance.

It means rejecting an enhanced federal Medicaid match rate when accepting it would mean we lose the right to manage our own Medicaid eligibility requirements.

It means shredding the FEMA Covid agreement — because Idaho is mandated to grant federal access to our lands, hold the federal government harmless, and require compliance with unreasonable federal laws and executive orders.

After the last election, when our Governor and Attorney General failed to do so, your Lieutenant Governor, along with a number of Idaho lawmakers concerned about state sovereignty, successfully filed an Amicus Brief in support of every state’s obligation to maintain a republican form of government as called for in the U.S. Constitution.

We will continue to support election integrity efforts that strengthen and protect our republic.

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