New Year – New Possibilities for Conservatism

Beginning anew! An inviting prospect for the possibilities and solutions ahead if I am elected Lt. Governor of Idaho.

When some candidates have to try too hard to make themselves appear conservative, my votes in the legislature prove my dedication to conservative principles is solid. While some play the one-upmanship game of committee assignments, my tenure—and the actual defeat of Obamacare—as Chair of the committee which fought to abolish the nightmare from Idaho’s borders, is recorded in the session annals as a testament to true conservative values.

Most recently, as the crowded field of candidates seemed to get a quick start to their holidays, I was focused on rural Idahoans needing help in saving their livelihoods, so they can enjoy this and future holiday cheer.

I am in the good fight for Idaho’s future. As your elected Lt. Governor, I will work with the Trump Administration, Interior Secretary Zinke, and all the stand-up conservatives who want our Republic to succeed. Free-market solutions to promote prosperity, advocates for the individual and family, reduced federal dependency for a wise governing role, these guidelines are my guidelines.

I will serve with the new Governor of Idaho to ensure the executive branch is working for you, and as a successful, experienced former legislator, I will be active in safeguarding your voice and wallet. You can trust me to stand firm against any erosion of the principles outlined in the Preamble to the Idaho Republican Party platform and most especially the U.S. and Idaho Constitutions.


The challenge is great and political campaigns require more funding than ever before, so I am looking to you for your help in winning this race, for Idaho’s heritage and future.

The campaign contribution filing deadline is this weekend. If you would please consider donating to this effort, no amount is too small. Every vote counts and every dollar helps!


Janice McGeachin