Janice McGeachin talks with Tucker Carlson about Critical Race Theory

Dear Friends,

Yesterday evening, I was on Tucker Carlson Tonight to talk about our efforts to Make Idaho Free Again.

Our state and our country are under attack. The radical left is working overtime to undermine our individual rights, compromise our state sovereignty, and obliterate our traditional conservative values.

They are infiltrating our schools and universities with Marxist indoctrination and the lies and fallacies of critical race theory.

We are in a desperate fight for our future, and I am asking for your help in this vital battle to save our youth. Together, we can defeat the left’s schemes and restore the principles that have Made Idaho Great.

Please DONATE TODAY so we can continue our fight to Save Idaho!

3 thoughts on “Janice McGeachin talks with Tucker Carlson about Critical Race Theory

  1. Joie Henington

    Who would go to Governor Little? He will only turn it over to the fake Republican Democrat mayor McLean. Mayor McLean runs Idaho and Governor Brad Little! Mayor McLean is a BLM sympathizer and against conservative values and she runs Boise like a true Democrat along with her sidekick Sanchez who said she was afraid to have a baby in Idaho because quote “Whites would kill it.” Like that has ever happened!! We need a Governor who will run Idaho and the mayor of Boise instead of taking orders from the mayor of Boise! We need a conservative governor with a backbone! Hopefully Lt. Janice McGeahin will be that person!

  2. Kathryn Woeppel

    I wonder who President Trump will endorse?. Please pray for Idaho…. we are s strong Patriots out here….?✝️❤️??

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