Idaho’s future hangs in the balance – How will you use the next three months?

What a whirlwind of activity the last few weeks have been! We’ve spent hundreds of hours traveling all over this beautiful State, getting to know the amazing people who have carved out a life for themselves in this place we all call home. In Grangeville, I met with the owners of Gem Chain Bar, a world leader in machining and development of chainsaw parts. In Valley County, I met a talented 88-year-old gentleman who played the harmonica for me. He didn’t miss a note to Moon River. A sweet lady of 101 years shared with me a splendid memory of when she was in college and introduced Amelia Earhart to her student body class. A man wearing a WWII baseball cap held my hand ever so gently as he said he was glad Trump is president. From the determined self-starters building a life to those who have given their best for life and still do, in so many little ways for each other, I experienced Idaho. Everywhere I looked, I saw hope for a thriving Idaho.

After 40 years in Idaho, you might think that you know the place pretty well and maybe even start to take things for granted that once caught your attention. In McCall, the burgers at My Father’s Place have been so good for so long that you forget just how delightful a Smokejumper is until you bite into it again. So much emphasis in politics today is placed on the finding, wooing, and benefitting from the donor class, that the idea of a government of the people, and by the people feels out of reach, and we the people feel forgotten. I can tell you that after meeting with so many of the most ordinary, everyday Idahoans, the indomitable spirit, patriotic core, and innovative drive that carved this State out of the wilderness in the 1800s is alive and well.

I can also tell you that the solutions to our State’s issues are not in the wallets or think tanks of the Entrenched Class. You are our solutions. The “Forgotten Class” is the heartbeat of the State, and if the government that represents us would stop and listen, perhaps it would find not only purpose but solutions. Rick and Kim from Gem Chain Bar had issues finding skilled workers, and instead of folding under pressure, they found the intestinal fortitude to drive forward, and the wisdom to see a path: they are working with the local high school to implement an apprenticeship program. This is exactly the kind of outside-the-box thinking that drove me to support then-candidate Trump’s campaign as the Idaho co-chair for his campaign. Instead of relying on the weak link of government for the answers to problems, we should be relying on the strength and ingenuity of our people.

While some of my competitors are courting foreign or out-of-state donors, I’m focused on Idahoans offering support for an Idaho candidate. All candidates, even Donald Trump, must ask for contributions and I’m no different. If your financial, spiritual, and time needs are met in your daily life, please consider donating a few dollars, a prayer, and some of your time. Letters to the Editor in your local newspaper are an effective way to reach your neighbors, so please help your fellow Idahoans know I’m in this race for them. I’m in this race because I Love America and I Love Idaho, and I know you do too.