I am running for Idaho Governor!

Earlier this year, a well-known Idaho resident by the name of Pete Coulson spoke at Idaho’s Capitol. One of the things he said was that the world is changed by our examples, not our opinions.

It’s another way of saying our actions speak louder than our words.

Idahoans have witnessed some serious, egregious actions over this past year. We saw repeated attacks on our constitutional, republican form of government. Fortunately, many of us are aware of what should have happened differently.

Last year, the Governor declared that some of your businesses and your employees were not essential. This proved to be very divisive and destructive and created widespread unemployment. I am here to tell you that every life is essential and every job is essential. God has created each of us in His image and we each have a unique place in life.

Over the last year, we have been tested. Many stood strong in the face of challenges. Unfortunately, some who were entrusted with positions of leadership caved to fear and compromised principles. We cannot forget these violations of our individual rights, our state sovereignty, and our traditional conservative values.

I refuse to stand by and allow these abuses to go unchallenged. That would be a disservice to our state and a violation of my sworn oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the state of Idaho.

I can’t do that! I won’t do that!

That is why I am running to be your next Governor of the State of Idaho!

I am not running for Governor to be popular or because it is easy. This job is hard work and it requires making difficult decisions that aren’t always appreciated.

I am a proud Idahoan, a devout Christian, a proven and committed conservative, a devoted wife and mother, and — with your support — I will be the first woman to lead Idaho as Governor. Seeking this position is a solemn duty, and it is not a decision I made lightly. I have made my decision prayerfully and with wise counsel from friends, family, and trusted advisors.

We are at a pivotal moment in history — not just for Idaho but for our nation.

Everything that Makes America Great is under assault, and with radical leftists now controlling Congress and the White House, your Governor must be on the front lines every day defending our individual rights, state sovereignty, and our traditional conservative values.

Anything less is dereliction of duty.

Throughout my tenure as Lieutenant Governor, I have seen the best of Idaho and have witnessed bravery and dedication, commitment and generosity. Idahoans are tough, resilient, and even heroic sometimes, yet they remain humble. Every day, I am inspired by the people who call the Gem State home.

I have lived most of my life in Idaho. I’ve been married to my husband, Jimmy, for 34 years, and our two children, Liza and James, work alongside us in our family businesses in Idaho Falls and Boise. After ten years of service in the state legislature, I placed a term limit on myself and returned to the private sector.

It was Donald Trump’s campaign in 2016 that inspired me to get back into politics. His message resonated deeply with me because many of the problems he saw happening across our country were also happening in Idaho. Our leaders were not paying attention to our cries for accountability. Their only interest seemed to be political gain.

Once again, it was time for me to take a stand, so I jumped on the Trump Train and served as the 1st Vice Chair for the Trump Idaho Team. I was also a Delegate to the 2016 Republican National Convention.

His powerful message of restoring the voice of the forgotten man and challenging a rigged system inspired conservatives across the country to run for office – including me. In 2018, I ran for Lieutenant Governor of Idaho. We (the people) won on the promise of Draining the Swamp — both with President Trump in Washington, D.C. and with Lt. Jan in Idaho.

I’m willing to fight for what makes America Great and for what makes Idaho Great. Of course, doing so means facing constant attacks from the mainstream media, sometimes even from within our own ranks.

I have worked consistently to protect our individual rights, our state sovereignty, and our traditional conservative values in Idaho. I firmly believe in these principles and I know you believe in them too.

I will continue to fight against any encroachment on our 2nd Amendment Rights, including any infringements coming from Washington, D.C.

We will build an education system that prepares young people to live productive lives, not one that indoctrinates them in Marxist, socialist ideology.

We will continue to support our brave men and women in law enforcement even as we address Idaho’s elevated incarceration rate and over-criminalization issues that entangle hard-working Idahoans in the criminal justice system.

Together, we will reinvigorate traditional industries such as agriculture, grazing, mining, and the harvesting of timber, and also embrace innovation and increase our manufacturing.

As your Governor, I will continue to be open and transparent. My door will remain unlocked and open to the public — and you certainly will not be asked to wear a mask to enter my office.

Put simply, the status quo has got to go. Idahoans are tired of being ignored, shut out of the process, declared non-essential, and discriminated against by the state. Lobbying groups and special interests exercise too far much power in Boise. Cronyism will have no place in a McGeachin Administration.

I am running for Governor to restore the principles that have Made Idaho Great — individual liberty, state sovereignty, and traditional conservative values. I want you to understand my record as a strong woman of action — I’m running on my record, not from it.

If you support these principles, vote for me to be your next Governor!

Together, we will reestablish the foundational values that Make Idaho Great.

Please visit my website at JaniceForIdaho.com to donate and learn about other ways to participate in our historic campaign.

May God bless America and may God continue to bless the people of the Great State of Idaho.

14 thoughts on “I am running for Idaho Governor!

  1. Lacy Johnson

    I have followed you this past year!!! Your an inspiration to Idaho and it’s values! I am proud to say you have my vote!!! Keep Idaho great!! And I know you will stop the indoctrination and assault on our children!

  2. Arlene

    I like the way you think and will be voting for you! I’ve made up my mind already.

  3. Jason Funderburg

    I cannot express how happy it made me to hear this announcement today, finally a governor who is willing to stand up for Idahoans and fight for their wishes and not be swayed by outside forces and money!

  4. Teresa

    I am so excited to hear this!! I have been hoping all this year that you would run for Governor! I am praying for you and all of our amazing freedom fighting conservatives. I am overjoyed to hear this announcement and I will proudly display a sign in my yard!!

  5. Steve Madden, district 19, Boise

    I am overjoyed at the news that Lt Governor Janice McGeachin wants to be our next Governor. I was a regular at Capital Clarity and know Lt Governor McGeachin to be a great champion for the state of Idaho and its misrepresented citizens. She has loves Idaho and will be the best Governor we could ask for right now. She has my unwavering support.

  6. Pete Coulson

    God bless you as you begin your new Journey. God bless and keep in His Perfect Peace. I was a pleasure to be part of the announcement team at the capital. Be blessed my friend !

  7. Susan Kekel

    I’ve been following you since you’ve stepped into office. You have my vote as our next Governor of Idaho.
    God be with you n your family.

  8. Dawn Hartman

    I really hope that a Democrat who has strong believe system for the state of Idaho and its natural settings comes to power . It is indeed time to drain the swamp and as a fiscal Conservative I am disgusted with the decisions our state and agencies under power have been allowed to make .

  9. Steve Bissett

    Janice, I am so glad you decided to run. I am on your side and you have my vote

  10. Jerrold Bullat

    As a Washington State refugee, I’m all in! MIGA!

  11. Mira

    I am so excited you are running for Governor! You have got our vote. Thank you for speaking up for Idahoans and for your true leadership!

  12. Brenda Cowart

    As an ex Californian who watched as people stood by while liberals took over our state and conservative values were trampled on, I have been very concerned for the future of Idaho. There is a strong need for patriots to get involved in local government in order to preserve our freedom and our country. Brad Little is a RHINO who has sold out. I am thankful there is someone willing to stand up and fight for Idaho. I look forward to helping with your campaign!

  13. Mike Toombs

    Janice’s announcement comes as no surprise, but it is VERY welcomed. Throughout this pandemic she has demonstrated her commitment to the citizens of Idaho, while also leading with the “common sense” values necessary to good leadership.

  14. James Leiby

    You got my vote Janice McGeachin! I loved it when you implemented the NO mask mandate, albeit short lived. I moved from looney California 3 yrs ago to get away from the socialist dems only to find out Little is nothing more than a democrat in Republican clothing. He bends to the socialist democrats that reside in Boise. Got to get him out of office! This state needs you for Governor to keep this state conservative and to hold dear the 2nd Amendment!! You remind me of S.D. Governor Kristi Noem. Go Janice!!!!

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