Happy New Year!

Dear Friends,

As I write to you, my thoughts are drawn to a word that stands out among the many coming to mind with this new year dawning. That word is Hope. I think, feel and grasp the hopefulness that abounds in 2018.

A friend of mine shared her reflection of a Christmas Homily recently conveyed. He spoke of how big world happenings affect the lives of the individual, but also, how very personal and local happenings can affect the world. He referred to politics on the U.S. and world stages; that we will know the outcome of the latest tax reform bill in our own homes and the Korean peninsula happenings will affect families here on America’s soil too. He then changed the sentiment of individuals being recipients of the decisions of others far off, to becoming conveyors to the big world; that every person can have an impact well beyond our seemingly small place on the earth, if we engage.

He illustrated this through the Nativity scene—a baby, born over two thousand years ago, came into a world much different than what today’s technology obliges, yet had altered the very meaning of existence for humanity and changed the status quo, across the globe; out of obscurity, Hope was brought to a weary world. This pastor reached into the hearts and minds of those gathered, transformed the notion of the individual’s life from one of insignificant recipient to immense contributor, and enkindled hope. He helped them to understand this by saying, “something brought you here tonight, this cold and snowy night. Keep seeking and being engaged. Your life is important to the world.” (paraphrased)

Each of us is of immeasurably importance to those around us. Through our goodness, we affect how the world will be shaped. In Idaho, we enjoy tremendous blessings of natural beauty and freedoms many do not experience. When then-candidate Donald Trump started to unravel the net of political status quo, I became inspired to help in my little corner of the world. I knew from my years in the legislature what the status quo meant and how my effort could give people back their rightful place as self-sufficient, productive and charitable individuals, to benefit all of society.

From that inspiration grew a profound determination to protect our Idaho heritage and the confident decision to run for Lt. Governor. My campaign is solidly on target and gaining daily. The places I’ve been and the people I meet provide me a special gift of happiness as I travel this splendid state of ours.

To build on these rich and timely words from the above message, I join this sentiment and encourage you to keep the light of hope burning brightly as we all contribute to the values and principles we hold dear as conservatives.

Most sincerely,

1 thought on “Happy New Year!

  1. Jeff Wright


    I would be happy if for once we had our state’s senior executives simply and actually believed in standing on our own two feet, free of federal encroachments and budget control. That a state, to be a state, has to be free and independent, economically, politically and practically. That to operate, as we do now, as a federal fiefdom has largely ruined our forests in many ways, our watersheds and waterways, the land itself. If you can promise to help make the state and federal Constitutions REAL again in law and practice, I can support you. The state MUST pledge to wean itself OFF federal dollars. We’re a bigger federal dollar consumer than California, for Pete’s Sake!

    That involves stopping federal encroachments on our lands and economy and exercising Nullification of ALL bad federal laws not just the ones conservatives dislike. It’s time to toss the Feds largely out of the state and statute books where they don’t belong. I hope to hear you bring these subjects up regularly during the campaign.

    I discuss a blueprint for the states in my 2012 book; The Citizen’s Last Stand: Are YOU Ready?


    Thank you,

    Jeff Wright

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