It’s Election Day! Be sure to Vote Janice McGeachin for Lt. Governor

Please join me in celebrating my campaign’s success in running a positive, fact-based platform with the unifying message: We Love America and We Love Idaho! Our social media tripled all of my opponents, combined! We reached hundreds of thousands of wonderful people across the state. There is no doubt I am a proven conservative with an established track record of working with others to promote fiscal responsibility.

As Chair of the Health & Welfare Committee, I worked to prevent the implementation of Obamacare in Idaho in 2012 by educating colleagues and the public regarding the devastating impacts of the law to the individual and to our business community. Premium rates for coverage through the Idaho health insurance exchange have increased by more than 91 percent from 2014 to 2018, while insurance companies continue to incur losses. We need a system which will lower the costs of health care, provide greater transparency, greater access to care, and greater choice for Idahoans.

As Chair, I collaborated with House and Senate Leadership, the medical community, recipients, departments, agencies, and the Governor’s Office to reduce Medicaid costs across the board, avoiding deep cuts to particular programs when tax revenues came up short in 2011. Staunchly pro-life, I worked to improve Idaho’s Informed Consent and Ultrasound laws, which are designed to protect the life and health of the mother and unborn child.

Common Core standards are deeply rooted in our state Department of Education. These one-size-fits-none standards are hurting our kids, who are going through our classrooms unprepared for life after high school. By returning control to our local school districts, and focusing on teaching our kids skills, they will be better equipped for the jobs of today and tomorrow’s economy. The jobs are here and we want to keep our kids in Idaho.

A specific concern to me is our growing national debt—now over $21 trillion—and the negative impact it has on our life, liberty, and prosperity. Fiscal responsibility and working to increase public awareness regarding our state and nation’s finances has been a cornerstone of my campaign.

It comes as no surprise the supporters of my campaign are keenly aware of the previous administration’s loss of direction and the wonderful opportunities ahead of us. We can solve our problems together. Idahoans are resolutely resourceful, fiercely independent, and genuinely charitable. The ability to create wealth must be returned to our rural communities for the future of our entire state’s economic health. My vision has always been one of freeing up the engine of ingenuity for prosperity, individual success, and future generations of private industry to take the lead as we forge our future as Idahoans and Americans.

As a Trump Delegate and 1st Vice Chair of Trump Idaho Team, I look forward to working with our President. It is time for politics as usual to come to an end in Boise.

I humbly and respectfully ask for your vote to become your next Lt. Governor.