Cutting the Corporate Tax Rate - What does it accomplish?

Cutting the Corporate Tax Rate – What does it accomplish?

When D.C. Republicans came together last month to cut the corporate tax rate and make other improvements to the federal tax code, the positive results were immediate—even though most of the changes won’t take effect for another year.

Major corporations from AT&T to Comcast to Fifth Third Bancorp to Boing announced hefty bonuses, wage increases, charitable giving, and major new investments in workforce development.

Here at home, conservative voices such as Rep. Bryan Zollinger are calling for Idaho to follow the lead set by Congress and cut or even eliminate Idaho’s corporate income tax.

So far, the response from leadership has been a telling silence.

Is it possible that Idaho has become less fiscally conservative than D.C.? Say it isn’t so!

Let’s work together to make meaningful and significant cuts to Idaho’s tax rates so that we too can reap the manifold benefits of cutting taxes and reducing the size and scope of government.