Janice McGeachin: A Call for Republican Unity in Idaho

The final entry to the Preamble of our Idaho Republican Party Platform states,

“We believe the Republican Party is the best vehicle for translating these ideals into positive and successful principles of government.” When a vehicle has lost the transmission, it will make a grinding sound and become unable to shift into the next gear and advance.

There is grinding in our party; there has been for a number of years. The Democratic Party is facing the same breakdown, so we need to focus our effort, get to our repairs immediately, and as Melania Trump advises, “Be Best”. It’s up to us to make adjustments and get things in working order. Why?

We will face a determined Democratic Party in November. I want you to know that I stand shoulder to shoulder with my fellow Republicans—to provide strength for upholding the core values outlined in the Preamble, to encourage our Party’s hard-working grassroots members as they toil not in vain, to educate our electorate to be fully engaged in our electoral process, and to boldly defend Idaho from the onslaught of liberalism trying to overrun our state.

I have been active in the Republican Party and serve as the current State Committeewoman for Bonneville County. Members who are valued share more than just their volunteer time to attend a meeting here and there, they will give it their all, and as such, they are the engine of success for the GOP.

Let us be the big tent party we are supposed to be and place our common bonds at the forefront of all our actions; let us move in the same direction. Elected or not on May 15, we all need to humbly ask for the Lord to empty our hearts of anything that hinders a genuine charity toward our neighbor or holds us back from taking risks toward unity for fear of being suspected or suffering rebukes. Humility is necessary for serving in our party, state, and nation. Cultivating humility will lead to unity and unity will lead to a strong party of many servant hearts.

I know transmission repair and I got into this race for Lt. Governor, not to get stuck in the same old gear, but to smoothly shift our way forward for Idaho. The hand of God is able to repair what is not in working order and bring us together, so we can operate as a successful vehicle to protect the principles and ideals of the Republican Party of Idaho.

Thank you,
Janice McGeachin, your GOP nominee for Idaho Lt. Governor

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